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I know that it can be hella hard to get your brand name out there in the early days of starting your business, that’s why, thanks to the phenomenal amount of success I’ve been enjoying on Secrets of a Twenty Something recently I’ve decided to launch an advertising package to help you, your blog or your business reach out to new audiences and gain extra exposure. For the month of July I will be offering the following introductory advertising package. Read the rest of this entry


Some stuff you’ve probably missed!

welcome back

It’s been a hectic but rewarding couple of weeks at my desk. I’ve been busy reviewing products, hooking up with brands and dishing out life advice, but perhaps the most exciting piece of news to come out of the past fortnight is that I’ve been nominated for an award- Best Beauty Blog in the Blog Awards Ireland! I’m still reeling from that one!

I also emigrated to several weeks ago and I’m not sure if all my previous followers have been able to see my new posts. So just in case I’ve posted this roundup of all my most popular stories. Simply click on to any of them to be taken to the new site. I’d love if you re-subscribed while you were there too! 


blog awardsI’ve been nominated in the Blog awards Ireland!

Well this has to be one of the best things ever to wake up to! I scrolled down the Blog Award Ireland’s list of nominees this morning to find mine slap bang in the middle of the Best Beauty Category and then spent the next 5 minutes shouting ‘OH MY GOD!’ at my laptop screen. I think it’s a little bit fair to say I’m a big bit over the moon! I feel so…READ THE REST OF THIS ENTRY



instagram roundup1My Instagram Diary

The biggest news of the week has definitely been receiving a nomination for best beauty blog from the Blog Awards Ireland. I celebrated in true style by spending an entire day getting glammed up for a night out with friends, starting with a face pack and a giant mug of Coffee first thing on Saturday morning. I also took some time out this week by…READ THE REST OF THIS ENTRY



photo (26)Review: Rimmel Wake Me up Foundation

I have seriously high maintenance skin. It’s a demanding combination of oily areas and dry patches as well as being prone to blemishes. This means I require makeup that offers a heavier coverage and a formula that’s light enough to not clog my pores. But that’s a pretty tall order, am I right? I’ve been hearing rave reviews aboutRimmel Wake Me up foundation from sufferers of problem skin and I’m also a massive fan of…READ THE REST OF THIS ENTRY


Image (17)OOTD: Double Denim

Eek! Double denim is a little scary isn’t it? It’s a trend I’ve kind of avoided because sometimes it looks hot and sometimes not but when I looked in to my wardrobe today and couldn’t find a single thing to wear I thought, to hell with it let’s try this out. I’m feeling kinda casual and chilled so I wanted to keep the look just that- slightly ‘I just threw this together’, so I put on my favourite pair of dark denim skinnies, added my… READ THE REST OF THIS ENTRY


photo (20)Review: MUA Matte Perfect Primer

I confess, I haven’t used primer for absolutely ages. I’m a former Benefit That Gal addict but as it was too expensive I gave it up cold turkey and stopped using primer all together. And my skin started to suffer as a result of it. My foundation didn’t look as even and would slide off half way through the day and I suffered an oily T-zone. So I went on the hunt for a more…READ THE REST OF THIS ENTRY



photo (24)Celebrating my nomination

I’m still a little fuzzy headed from celebrating my blog award nomination last night. To celebrate I teetered off to a friend’s house in my old faithful nude patent heels with a bottle of Gallo Pink Moscato under my arm. We had ‘the chats’ and ate some nibbles before hitting up one of our local bars for some more drinks and…READ THE REST OF THIS ENTRY



Self-EsteemBe a self esteem queen

I think I’m pretty neat. No, really I do. I’m funny, I’m kind and I love to make people laugh. Sure, sometimes I talk too much, I probably irritate the hell out of my siblings and I’m a helluva long way from perfect, but despite that I feel pretty darn comfy in my own skin and that’s a really lovely place to be.Good self esteem isn’t about…READ THE REST OF THIS ENTRY



photo 4 (2)HD Brows

I’ve been meaning to make an appointment for HD Brows for absolutely ages and I’m really glad I finally did it, because I’m absolutely in love with my new set of face framers. HD Brows is a revolutionary eyebrow design process, using waxing, threading and tinting to give you perfectly defined eyebrows, matched to your personality and face shape.  And from personal experience I can say…READ THE REST OF THIS ENTRY


photo 2 (8)Today’s Purchase

This is my first River Island purchase in 3 years! In my defence I’ve been out of the country for two of those years but it’s a store I normally avoid anyway because I think they’re a tad over priced. (Sorry RI!) But what can I say, I’m a demon for the sales and I picked this little bad boy up for a thrifty 12 quid, reduced down from 25. I’m a bit mad for florals right now and any outfit that I can take from day to night is a sure fire purchase- I plan on adding…READ THE REST OF THIS ENTRY


manicureHow to make a DIY mani last a week

I spend ages painting my nails so I can get them just right. I paint them different colours, experiment with new designs and put in all the prep work to make my DIY mani look it’s best, so obviously when I go to these lengths to give myself a stellar manicure I want to make it last as long as possible. You probably already know the basics of a long lasting polish- A base coat to add staying power, a top coat to seal it all in and two coats of your favourite polish in between but somehow you still get …READ THE REST OF THIS ENTRY

instagram 3Inspiration Destination

As always I’ve been talking about my favourite quotes and discussing all things inspiration. Get your daily inpso fix right over here.





Until next time twenty somethings,




Dear followers, I miss you!

ad boxYou may or may not have noticed that I have migrated. Sadly, not to sunnier climes but over to and so far it’s a cold and lonely place because I’ve been waiting for 2 days for WordPress to move my followers over. That means my posts have been going unreceived, apart from a few Google blow ins and Facebook friends. I miss hearing that little WordPress ping to let me know that one of my lovely readers has liked or commented. Blogging really is a bit dull without my little community, so if you’d like to come and keep me company that’d be pretty awesome. You can re-sub here. If you can’t see the popup box you can find ‘Subscribe by email’ in the sidebar.  Read the rest of this entry

OTTD: Casual and comfy

Image (7)I think there’s huge pressure these days for girls to step out looking like a Kardashian sister in body con dresses and heels when in reality often the clothes we feel most confident in our the ones that are most comfortable. Like jeans and flats. A vest top and cardi. And that’s exactly what I stepped out in today. There wasn’t a pricey label or a fashion forward trend in sight. I wasn’t forcing myself in to a tight dress and uncomfortable shoes, I just threw on the outift I felt most comfortable in and honestly, I felt great.  Read the rest of this entry

QOTD: When the caterpillar became a butterfly

butterfly (1)

Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, she became a butterfly.’ Gosh I love this quote and not just because I’m a teeny bit obsessed with butterflies.

Sorry to my regular readers that I keep banging on about it, but when I got back from two awesome years in Australia I felt really lost and confused. It was a definite low point for me because I really felt like I had no direction. I’d been flying high on this awesome carefree adventure for 2 years and then there I was back down to earth with a bump. Read the rest of this entry

Today I heart roast dinners and supping champagne in my PJs

ChampagneAs far as Sundays go today has been pretty awesome. First thing this morning I filled my first ad slot. (Click here to nab one for £2!) Then this afternoon I headed to our local gastro pub for carvery lunch and stuffed myself silly with roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, spuds and gravy.

I headed home with the fullest tummy and I had just changed back in to my PJs ready to indulge my food coma when my Dad yelled up the stairs, ‘Victoria, do you want some wine? It’s Champagne!’ Um, hells to the yeah I do! Read the rest of this entry

Review: Sleek Makeup Face Contour Kit

Image (1)My usual products for contouring are Benefit High Beam, which I’m addicted to and have been using for years and Australis Papparazzi Perfect High Definition Bronzer. I’m a bit of a contouring fanatic so when I received the Sleek Makeup Contour Kit at a #Cosmocareers event I couldn’t wait to try it. Here’s how I got on.

Sleek Makeup Face Contour Kit (Superdrug, £6.49)


Read the rest of this entry

QOTD: ‘A Sunday well spent brings a week of content’

A-sunday-well-spent-brings-a-week-of-contentSaturday gets a lot of hype for being the best day of the week, but me? I think Sunday’s are where its at. As I write this I’m sat in my PJs stuffing my face with Peanut Butter on toast, supping on coffee and contemplating getting dressed some time in the next hour. Then I’m off to enjoy a Sunday roast and a lazy afternoon with my family.

In the evening I’ll probably relax in my favourite chair (yes, I have a favourite chair!) with a good book and maybe jot down some thoughts in my gratitude journal. It’s all really strenous stuff I can assure you!  Read the rest of this entry

Re-envisioning my vision board

vision board 5When I touched down in Dublin three months ago after two epic years of travelling I hadn’t a clue what I wanted to do next. Well, I guess I did a little. I knew I wanted to write but  ‘who for?’ , ‘about what?’ and ‘in what city?’ were all questions that I didn’t have the answer to. I too quickly started pushing myself in the direction of a wide range of jobs in a multitude of cities before burning myself out and realising that what I really needed was some time to gather my thoughts and rethink my options. Read the rest of this entry

Beauty addicts listen up!

beauty addict 2I’ve just started a new job as Beauty Columnist for Hen or, where I get the super awesome task of trialing the latest beauty buys and the hottest new treatments. Every week I’ll be sharing my top recommendations,  whether it’s an innovative new product or a nifty little trick that achieves makeup artist results.  If it makes the whole process of prepping and preening that little bit easier and makes me feel hot diggity dang then you can bet it’ll get me typing!  My first recommendation is Dr Organic Morrocan Oil Day Cream. Click here to find out why.  Read the rest of this entry

#QOTD: ‘Turn first within and ask for guidance’

10447648_10152534665799785_6917359537398008650_nI was scrolling through my Facebook news feed this morning and came across this quirky image and beautiful piece of advice from The Soulful Woman.

‘Whenever I don’t know what to do, I turn first WITHIN and ASK for guidance. Then it comes to me—sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly—a knowing, a sense, an image, a name, a next step, a possible PATHWAY.

I am DISCOVERING that answers come to me when I give myself enough time and space. I WAIT for this guidance, trusting myself more and more, FOLLOWING myself.

Read the rest of this entry

My Feel Good Friday Tune

music-makes-me-happy-by-plastickheartAs its just gone 5 bells on a Friday evening I thought I’d share the feel good tune I’ve been humming for the past three days. This came on in my friends car on our way home from the airport and it marked the end of a really epic trip. It’s also catchy as hell and a great upbeat track to kickstart the weekend. Have a good one guys!

Vic x Read the rest of this entry

Beauty 101: DIY Face Mask with a difference

DIY Face maskIf you were looking for an excuse to run a hot bath and pour yourself a glass of wine then this is it. Relaxing in the tub with a face pack on is one of my favourite past times. To make sure I’m only putting the best ingredients on my skin I like to do it DIY and make the mask myself, but you won’t find any honey and oatmeal mixes here. My Homemade masks are a little er,  unorthodox. You can try this one yourself.  Read the rest of this entry

#QOTD: ‘In order to keep your balance you must keep moving forward’

positive-quote-imageHow exciting does it feel when you’re putting plans in to motion? When you’re aiming for something really, really awesome and you know that when you get there you’re going to feel like a whole new person? That’s how it feels when you’re striving for something, when you’re moving forward. As people its our primary aim to grow and achieve new things, to reach new heights so naturally when we’re doing that we feel great.It’s that feeling when you get a promotion at work or book a trip to your dream travel destination. You feel elated. You feel this massive surge of happy hormones and you can’t think straight from the rush of excitement.  Read the rest of this entry

What I learnt at Blog School

bloggin picI was super excited to attend Cosmo’s Superblogger Masterclass on Monday night and I wasn’t disappointed. It wasn’t just the two glasses of bubbly on arrival and the killer goody bag that rocked my world, I also took away a whole host of awesome tips to help my blog stand out from the thousands of others out there.

In 2 hours Cosmo’s digital lead Kate Lucey and an expert panel of uber successful bloggers talked all things bloggy, from what to write, when to post and how to make money from your blog to the more techy stuff like how to use html, effective tagging and how to make your posts more searchable on the internet. Read the rest of this entry

Beauty 101: The £1.99 wonder mascara!

lashesI swear by this mascara, and trust me I’ve road tested a helluva lot more expensive mascaras in my time! This one proves that cheap really is cheerful because for a penny scrimping £1.99 it dramatically opens up your peepers, giving you full, exaggerated lashes with an intense black colour. One coat is enough for day. For nights out I add an extra layer for a more glam look that rivals falsies. The only drawback is that the formula is very wet and can be a little messy if you’re not careful when you apply. But for less than 2 quid I don’t mind swiping away a little smudge! I won’t use anything else now.  Read the rest of this entry

Introducing our first ever guest blogger!

Becca buttonI’ve never met anyone who knows as much about film as my good friend Becca does. Her DVD collection is quite literally HUGE, she can spend days binge watching Grey’s Anatomy and I’m convinced that her knowledge on film and showbiz is bigger than Kanye’s ego after an awards do. She knows all the director’s names, can list every movie Johnny Depp has ever been and has been to the cinema more times than I’ve been to the bathroom. But most importantly she knows what flicks are worth watching and which aren’t, and she’ll be sharing all that wonderful knowledge with you, my lovely readers.

So without further ado Read the rest of this entry

#QOTD: ‘Don’t look back. You’re not going that way’

quote 11I can speak from experience on this because after three months of playing tug of war with the past, I’ve finally put the plans in motion for a move to London and a career in magazines.

It’s been a tough old slog trying to put my 2 year Australian adventure behind me. Accepting that the wonderful lifestyle, the loving relationship and the dream job won’t be featuring in my future hasn’t been easy but now my plans for what comes next just seem so much more tangible and real. Now I wake up with so much energy and passion because instead of looking back at the previous pages, I’m actively creating the next exciting chapter. (Spoiler Alert, it’s going to be epic!)
Read the rest of this entry

#QOTD: ‘Travel as much as you can, as far as you can.’

travelI love to travel. I might even go as far to say that I live to travel because along with writing, getting out and experiencing the world is one of my main passions in life. I’ve no sooner finished one trip than I’m busy planning the next one. That buzz of seeing a new place for the first time is unlike any other. Visiting a new country or city is like being handed a sweet and slowly taking off it’s wrapper and discovering all it’s wonderful flavours. It isn’t just being on the trip that makes me feel happy. It’s the excitement from the moment I book the flights, all the fun of planning the trip and the joy of reliving all the wonderful memories of it for weeks, months, even years to come. Read the rest of this entry

Beauty 101: Do this for model-worthy cheekbones

cheekbonesIt will come as no surprise to my readers that I am a contouring enthusiast. You just have to glance through my other beauty posts to know that I’m always banging on about it being one of the most important elements in achieving a great makeup look and where exactly you ‘touchdown’ with your bronzer brush is the most crucial part of getting it right. I’ve shared charts before that illustrate how best to contour and highlight your cheekbones but just in case you’re still stuck… Read the rest of this entry

Some snaps from my trip to London

London Money shotI’m back! I just spent the past three days in London with my friend Claire and we had the most awesome time! We covered all the rounds- from Buckingham Palace to the London Eye, and Trafalgar Square to Piccadilly Circus. We (briefly) hit up Wimbledon, got our picture taken with ‘Andy Murray’, unwittingly ended up on a German dating show, made one of the Queen’s guards smile, rode the tube 20 times, drank A LOT of coffee, attempted to do a London accent (and failed), laughed endlessly and took a gazillion photos. Here are a few of my faves. Read the rest of this entry

Secrets of a Twenty Something is off on holiday!

suitcaseI leave for the airport in 30 minutes and despite several arguments with myself over whether to pack that second pair of stilettos and a lot of cramming stuff in to bags, I am officially packed. I’m off for a long weekend of sightseeing in London and I fully intend on ‘tourist-ing’ it up the entire weekend. First stop is Buckingham Palace, then the tower bridge and the London Eye and hopefully a  stop off at 10 Downing Street to visit the Prime Minister’s cat. Read the rest of this entry

I just scored an ad slot in a fashion mag!

bloggin pic 3*I can’t even. There are no words.*My blog is going to be advertised in the launch issue of a new fashion magazine and I can barely form sentences I’m so happy about it. I’m always estastic to discover new ways of gaining exposure and getting my brand name out there, so being featured in an actual, factual real life glossy magazine is rather like finding a surprise tub of Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough in your freezer, only multiplied by 100! All it took was some clever networking and being lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time- I spotted a Facebook shout out and replied straight away, which nabbed me my advertising spot. So, without further ado, here is Secrets of a Twenty Something’s very first ad page!

Read the rest of this entry

My Feel Good Friday Tune

music-makes-me-happy-by-plastickheartI’m sharing this song today for no other reason than it gives me all the feels! I get that heady euphoric high when I turn this on. The kind of high you only really feel when you’re right on the brink of a beautiful, free and easy summer filled with BBQs, weekend festivals and holidays in the sun. Here’s to a great weekend and a very long, crazy, chilled out summer. Happy Friday! Vic x Read the rest of this entry

Beauty 101: Make your own lippie

sunniebrook_fourpics_pop_lipsCan you never quite find the perfect shade of lippie? Me either, that’s why I’ve started creating my own custom made lip glosses. All it takes is a lip brush, a teaspoon and a couple of makeup essentials that you’ll likely already have in your Beauty bag.  Read the rest of this entry

I ran my first 10K!

race dayWell I did it! After signing up with only 5 weeks to go from zero to hero I completed my very first 10K with 1 hour and 6 minutes on the clock. Was it hard work? Yes. Did I really have to push myself? You betcha. Did I nearly vomit in front of my entire town at the finish line? Oh yes! In truth, the 10K was a lot harder than I expected. I trained for it with the goal of finishing it in exactly an hour but as the race grew closer and closer I started to realise that was kind of unrealistic for a first timer. To get myself back on track I changed my goal and decided that just finishing it without collapsing, vomiting or breaking any limbs would be a big enough achievement.  Read the rest of this entry

#QOTD: Always Be Positive

imagesPeople always throw these words about, ‘Be Positive’, ‘Think positve’,  ‘The glass is half full’ etc and that’s great, but do we ever really think what it means to ‘be positive’? Sure it’s easy to look on the bright side when things are going good and you absolutely should be grateful when the whole world feels like it’s just fallen in to place but how do you react when things are going bad? Are you still positive then? When the proverbial sh!t hits the fan, what do you do? Do you complain, wallow, get mad or do you seek out all the good stuff?  Read the rest of this entry

Beauty 101: This trick changed the way I use bronzer

Bronzer-PlacementBronzer is amazing when it’s applied properly, giving you a beautiful sun kissed glow and model worthy cheekbones. But get it wrong and you can pretty easily fast track your way to Oompa Loompa town. The most common mistake people make when applying bronzer, and I know because I’ve been guilty of doing it too, is over application. You need the effect to be subtle but with maximum effect and there’s an easy method to follow to make sure you don’t overdo it.  Read the rest of this entry

My boobs are getting bigger

boobs-boobs-everywhereSorry to be the Queen of over share but my boobs seem to have taken on a life of their own. Last time I checked I hadn’t ingested any sort of ‘Miracle Grow’ formula that makes your lady lumps magically swell by a cup size and a half, but in the past fortnight that is exactly what has happened. I know what you’re thinking. ‘She’s obviously pregnant.’ I can confirm that is not the case. Mother Nature has provided me with definitive proof, so a bun in the oven is not the underlying cause of my blossoming cupcakes.  Read the rest of this entry

Beauty 101: 5 simple steps to contour like a pro

contour1Face contouring can be a tough one to master at first but once you get it right the effects can be amazing, I mean just look at Kim K’s cheekbones! Contouring is awesome because it brings out your inner supermodel by giving your face a more angular shape, meaning that your features become more defined. The crafty use of a highlighter draws attention to the areas where light naturally falls on the face, giving skin a radiant glow. All it takes is bronzer, highlighter and a little blush, but where the hell do you apply them?  Read the rest of this entry

I’d love your vote for the Blog Awards Ireland 2014!

blog_buttons_NOMINATEI’ve never been one to pass up on an exciting opportunity, especially if it’s one that will help my blog to gain exposure, so I jumped at the chance to enter in to The Blog Awards Ireland 2014. Not only is it a locally organised competition, which is great because I love anything that focuses on homegrown talent, but those shortlisted get to attend a fancy awards ceremony where they will be treated to eats and entertainment. (Woohoo!)  If you’d like to see me become part of the Irish blog hall of fame (and eat some posh nosh at an awards ‘do!) then simply clickety click here to register your vote.  Read the rest of this entry

Beauty 101: Use this to naturally remove your makeup!

Beautiful-Skin-640x400I never would have thought to use this to remove my makeup but it works! 

About three weeks ago I blogged that I was giving up face wipes for removing my makeup at night. I had read far too much research about the damaging effects they have on the skin and decided that they could be the  culprit for my skin woes. So I ditched them, and have been washing my face with a cleanser before bed every night instead.

But let’s all be honest here ladies, sometimes washing with water is a major chore Read the rest of this entry

#QOTD: Saturday Inspo

running quoteThe Body achieves what the mind believes.’

I’m off to run in my first 10K race today so I figured this was a pretty good quote to share this morning. And maybe I’ll try and focus on it if I feel like giving up half way round the course. The beauty of this quote is that you get to decide what you’re capable of. You get to decide how far you can run or how much you get to do in life. Before you start out on any new challenge Read the rest of this entry

I’m competing in my first 10k tomorrow…

runonand I’m equal parts excited and terrified. I can’t really figure out why I’m excited about potentially putting myself through physical pain and sweating profusely in front of my entire town but I guess it’s probably because I’ll be completing a new challenge and everyone keeps telling me the atmosphere is amazing and really keeps you going. (I hope they’re right!) I’m excited because after its over I get to eat a Steak Sandwich and drink an entire bottle of wine.

But then there’s the fear.  Oh, god the fear. ‘ Read the rest of this entry

My Feel Good Friday Tune

music-makes-me-happy-by-plastickheartAbout two weeks ago my Dad dug out one of our really old home videos and embarrassed the hell out of my older sister. The video was a clip of her in her teenage glory days (baggy tee, frizzy hair) belting this song in to her hairbrush and bouncing around her room with dance moves that I can only describe as ‘stereo typically 90s’.

And while I’m not going to do the nasty and re-post the vid (mostly because I don’t think I’d live to see the rest of  the day) I am going to post the song she was singing, cause not only is it arguably the greatest feel good song EVER made, Read the rest of this entry

Beauty 101: Eyeliner flicks made super easy!

eyeliner 2I was rubbish at winged eyeliner until I was introduced to this tip. 

Really there are two things that helped me to finally (after a lot of exhaustive experimenting) master winged eyeliner. The first was making the switch from Liquid to Gel. The soft bristle brush makes it so much easier to apply and using gel is a lot less messy than liquid, meaning fewer mistakes and a more defined, professional looking line.

The second thing that made applying eyeliner a 2 minute job as opposed to a task that left me 30 minutes late for drinks with the girls, was learning this tip.  Read the rest of this entry

#QOTD: Friday Inspo

highlight reel

‘Don’t compare your behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.’

It’s a sucky thing when you feel like things are going badly, it’s even worse when you see that Jessica from Year 12 is off modelling for Vogue/ getting married/ killing it at her career or running marathons on a monthly basis. Life comparison is a horrible thing, where we down play our own achievements and and play up everyone else’s. We see how well all our friends  are doing and suddenly begin to feel insecure and inferior about what we’re up to.  Read the rest of this entry

OTTD: Denim and florals for a grey day

ootdI was determined not to wear jeans today. They’re always my fall back when the weather’s looking a little gloomy out and if I’m being totally honest I spend far too much time in my skinnies anyway! So when I looked out and saw grey clouds this morning I decided to bring summer to me, by teaming this flirty and feminine floral dress with an acid wash denim jacket. I added black opaques to keep warm. It might have been cold winds and rain clouds outside but in my head it was sunshine and sangrias. Read the rest of this entry

I’ve been nominated in a writing challenge

jumpSo apparently I’ve been tracked down by the folks at Yeah Write and nominated for one of my recent posts-5 rules for living with your parents– in their Weekly Writing Challenge. This is really awesome for two reasons. 1) Because, I was always picked last on the team at high school, so being nominated for anything that doesn’t invovle chasing a ball with a stick for 90 minutes,  is a bonus and 2) ’cause I’ve no idea how they came across my blog and tracked me down, meaning I must  have a bigger online presence than I first thought. Read the rest of this entry

This is your life in Jelly Beans

godis-jelly-beans_2263357-623x466I blogged about this video a few months ago for another website but I wanted to re-blog it today because I think it gets across a really important point in a super cool way. The main thing I’ve taken away from it, isn’t that you have to go out and do crazy things to embrace your life (I’m feeling a YOLO coming on..) We also need to take all that mundane stuff,  like watching TV, grocery shopping or going to work and really find a way to enjoy that too. Read the rest of this entry

Beauty 101: Get the falsie effect without falsies!

LushLashes_EYESThis tip is amazing and will really give you fuller, thicker, more intense lashes that rival falsies.

I love how false eyelashes open up your peepers and add a touch of glamour to your makeup, but they can be tricky to apply and an expensive habit to keep up if you want to wear them every day. For dramatic eyes without falsies you can try this trick. All you need is mascara, a cotton bud and baby powder. (Translucent powder will also work!)  Read the rest of this entry

#QOTD: Thursday Inspo

quote 4

“Talk about what you love and keep quiet about what you don’t”

Hands up who’s guilty of doing the opposite of this? ‘I hate that @#$%& who pulled out in front of me without indicating. I hate getting up early in the morning. I hate that the weekend goes so fast.I hate that my laptop unexpectedly shut down in the middle of writing this piece…’ When you’re complaining you feel rubbish. You feel angry, unmotivated, depressed. Read the rest of this entry

I’m using Bloglovin’

bloglovinI’ve seen Bloglovin’ about for a little while now but I kind of ignored it because I expected installing it would entail a massive argument with HTML text, that would end in me bashing my laptop in a fit of technophobe rage. BUT I made the plunge today and it was surprisingly easy. I simply clicked on to the Bloglovin’ website, signed up and got my code. On WordPress I visited the dashboard, clicked ‘Appearance’ and pasted the code in to the ‘Text’ Widget. Super, duper easy, even for a tech hater like me. If you’re looking for a new way to keep up with your favourite blogs and want to get more followers then definitely go for it. And don’t forget to follow me when you do! 🙂

Vic x

Follow on Bloglovin

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Today I heart long walks and old friends

castlecooleMy friend Claire and I meet up three times a week to go for a run, which on occasion ends up being a leisurely stroll and an hour long gossip session. That’s a potential 3 hours of gossiping each week and yet there’s never a dull moment, probably because we went to Primary and High School together and grew up mere miles apart meaning that there’s plenty of stuff (and people!) to talk about when we’re clocking up the Ks.

After today’s mammoth chatter sesh I got to thinking about old friends and why they rock. The great thing is that they know who you are and where you come from so there’s never any pretense.

Read the rest of this entry

Hump Day Happiness

music-makes-me-happy-by-plastickheartI was going to save this song for my Feel Good Friday post but as it’s Wednesday and I reckon we all need a little help getting over the mid-week hump I’ve shared it today instead. If you’re struggling to get through your working week then stick this on during your Lunch hour… you might want to save the Running Man imitations for when you get home though.

Happy Wednesday x Read the rest of this entry

Beauty 101: This trick stops your lipstick smudging

lipstickHow frustrating is it when your lipstick has rubbed off within hours of applying it?

I’m normally pretty skeptical when I hear of miracle tips or products that claim to make your lipstick last past lunch time but I can vouch for this one and say that it actually works- and all you need is a tissue and some translucent powder.
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#QOTD: Wednesday Inspo

happy-soul-quote‘Take time to do what makes your soul happy’

When I’m writing I’m in my happy place. It’s like a form of therapy, like escapism from everything else that’s going on. When I’m writing I am completely focused on being in a place of joy and it feels so good I could do it all day. That is a GREAT place to be in!

We all lead busy lives and too often we don’t make time for the things we love. Instead we fill our days with the things we feel obligated to do and the things we dread Read the rest of this entry

This is why I’m giving up TV

TVA wise person once said that ‘If it ain’t fun then it ain’t worth doing’ and that’s how I’m starting to feel about TV. All that frightfulness played out on screen makes me want to run and hide under my duvet with a block of Dairy Milk and not come back out again until everyone on the set of Coronation Street turns in to the kind of deliriously happy people that you’re more likely to see on Cbeebies. Read the rest of this entry

I’m home 3 months today

world mapThree months ago I returned home after 2 years of travelling and surprised my family. My poor parents just stared at me in stunned silence when I walked in to our house and asked where my dinner was. My sister screamed before running at me and giving me one of the biggest hugs known to man.

It hasn’t always been easy the past three months. There have been a lot of ups and downs. It took me a little while to realise that the ‘downs’ had a lot to do with the Post Travel Blues. And for some time I was beating myself up about not feeling chipper. Read the rest of this entry

I want these shoes!

Low heel1I was having a look around the shops today. I say the word ‘look’ very deliberately because I was only there to window shop and strictly not to buy! When I’m not spending money I go a little crazy and try on everything and anything, because what harm can it do when I’m not flashing plastic? That’s when I picked up these rather average looking shoes of the shelf and decided to try them on simply because I’m in the market for a pair of lower stiletto style heels. And man alive, I love them! Read the rest of this entry